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03/24/08 Over a year later and some new pictures Sorry it took so long.  I am trying to figure out the new program to edit the webpage and we got a new provider.  Hopefully in the next few weeks I will be able to get some pictures up of the year I missed.  Thank you for all your patience.

Jenay, Jeff, Xavier and Isaac

Thank you all Xavier truly loved his all of his birthday parties.  Hope to see everyone for Christmas.

Updated some pages e-mail if any problems Jenay@Jenay.net

10/2/06 Gift Lists

Xavier's Christmas List 

Isaac's Christmas List

Family Christmas list

9/18/06 Added new pictures through out the site including Halloween from last year and Day out with Thomas pictures.

8/8/06 Added new opening page.  Will add the rest of the pictures from the vacation soon.

4/12/06 new pictures of our new house and our lake view

Our new address is

1607 Fairview Drive, Unit 2A, Lisle, IL 60532

10/31/05 Added some stuff to Xavier and Isaacs pages. 

8/25/05 Finally got around to putting a few pictures up. (Just over 4 months too, man how time flies when you got two rug rats! Hopefully we will get more up after Isaac's Baptism)

4/21/05 12:49am - New Baby: ISAAC! 6 lbs. 5 oz, 18" long (more pictures to come!) Click this to see Jake's interpretation of the delivery

1/14/05 - Pictures of snow.  Still no scanner, but ultrasound pictures soon.

12/17/2004 - New Pictures of Xavier   (be on the look out for ultrasound pictures of the new baby)

added Xavier's mouse so he can see it anytime.

10/17/2004 - Pumpkin Patch Pics

8/26/2004 - New pictures added from camera.  Will add more pictures when we fix or get a scanner.

Timmy We All Miss you Very Much!

Your Memory will live on Forever

7/21/2004 - Revamped This Page For July (More Pic's will be added soon)